2020 Calendar

Each year, we rejoice to share the Annual Calendar with you! Every child in this 2020 Calendar is a life whose mother, and sometimes father, came for help at Options Now. Be sure to check out Stella’s family story, our May 2020 baby, for a true-life example of eternity in a heart!


Becky Deas, Executive Director
2020  Calendar

In a Heartbeat 2020

What does “In a Heartbeat”, our 2020 theme, mean? First, it depicts the physical life of a human heart, alive and beating! Second, “In a Heartbeat” portrays the future life of a person. This includes their personal life, their family’s life, and their future family’s life.

So, when does life begin? In the mind of God.

Yes, parents may not plan on a pregnancy, but God’s Divine plan overrides man’s plans, mistakes, and sin. In God’s plan each of us are all Planned, Wanted and Loved.

Almighty God sees eternity in each heart because, “He Planted It There”.

Rejoicing in Life,

Becky Deas, Executive Director

Our 2020 Calendar

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